Thursday, 24 January 2013

Final Reflection

My favorite assignment was a small quick assignment which we were asked to come up with a one page story. I liked it because it was he only assignment that I felt was exactly why I took the course. I took this course to improve my skills as a writer to the point where I could write something that is high enough in quality for me to want to read. Although I have learned many skills over the semester this fundamental reason why I took the class still eludes me.

My least favorite assignment was probably the micro biography. I'm not a fan of biographical writing and I certainly don't consider myself interesting unless your taste is for soap operas.

I still like to do read on Fridays. I look forward to it because I find it relaxing and fun plus it gives me valuable reading practice that I may not get to during the week. I find the written reflection to be a valuable tool in honing my critical thinking skills and allowing me to better understand what I'm reading. the only issue with the reflections is having to interrupt the flow of reading the book to write down personnel predictions and comments.

I found blogging to be a fun exercise. The most engrossing part was probably watching the views pile up. The only draw back I found with the blog was actually having to put assignments on it. It beats losing the paper. I found the use of the blog to be valuable tool and an asset to this creative writing class because it allows people to put out their drafts and their work and see what people think of it.

I found the tweeting part of the class irritating for multiple reasons. The first is the 140 characters limit. I'm personally a fan of long words and detailed descriptions not mention my personnel habit of long winded explanations being stifled by the 140 character cap.The other senior issue with twitter is the fact that it is blocked on school computers. you can't access it without a smart phone or teachers computer.

I found the technology aspect invaded the course. When I signed up for it last year I was looking forward to a creative writing course not a how to use a computer to distinguish yourself with a creative writing element tacked on course.So, my statement for this is don't change the course itself just change the course description and name.

I learned that I have improved significantly in my reading skills and that my writing skills are still not up to par for what I want.This is the reason I took the course and based on that assessment i didn't accomplish what i wanted to do. In terms of critical thinking I have progressed since the beginning of the semester although not really as a result from the class. 

My personnel suggestion for improving the class is : A. To rename it writing technologies or something similar.
B: To rewrite the course syllabus to better emphasize the classes technological aspect. 

The one statement I can make to future students of this class is if you know how to write or at least like what you write , this class will teach you new and creative ways of expressing that ability. If you are a relative novice or have problems putting together stories that makes sense much less writing them this is not the class for you.

Marc Vallee

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bucket List Overview

Choosing the List of 100  things before you die is sort of a challenge,even 50 is stretching it at times. Most people know 5 or 6 things they want to do but not much else. The best way I could describe this list is a combination of life ambitions and crowning moments combined with things I would just love to try if I had the chance. So, here it is! My 50 things I want to do before I croak presented and narrated by yours truly, Marc.

Bucket list entry number 1. Visit the Forbidden city in China. When most people think of China they think of the Great Wall. But the Ming Dynasty Wall or at least the fully restores sections of it are quite far down on my list of things to do if I ever visit China. The first thing I would want to do is visit the Forbidden City and see the true splendour of Chinese art and architecture.
File:Village Airways Douglas DC-3 Volpati-1.jpg

Bucket list entry number 2. Fly a DC-3 and DHC-2 Beaver. Here's to entries that i decided to talk about together because both involve flying. The DC-3 because it is arguably the best air craft ever built as well as having a reputation forgiving to its pilots and general joy to fly. the DHC-2 Beaver holds many of the same basic virtues as the DC-3 but with the ability to take off and land inside of football field this aircraft is much more an explorers machine as well as a thrill.

File:Cairo, Gizeh, Sphinx and Pyramid of Khufu, Egypt, Oct 2004.jpg

Bucket List Entry number three. Visit the Monuments of Egypt. I've always had a fascination with Egypt. The monuments of a long standing world civilization are in my opinion something that one must experience in their life time. The Sphinx, the Pyramids and the valley of the Kings all silent witness the worlds first great empire.

File:Brough Superior SS 1000 1925.jpg

Bucket List entry number four: Ride a Brough Superior motorcycle. Here's one that seems so bizarre I just have to talk about it. In the 1930's Brough Superior was the Rolls Royce and Duesenberg of motorcycles. At a time when a family car could barely reach 60 miles an hour and the average high end motorcycle could clock in at around 90 M.P.H the Brough Superior SS-100 could do 100 M.P.H off the show room guaranteed. It was impressively stable, the low enter of gravity and specially designed forks to allow it to run straight and stable at high speeds. to prove it in 1925 at test driver took the motor cycle out on a track and let go off the handle bars at 90 H.P.H. the motor cycle didn't wobble or even go off track, it stayed perfectly straight. Even though I wouldn't do that it would still be fun to drive what once the most fun and technically advanced machine on wheels..the true Rolls Royce of motor cycles.

I'd love to stay here and continue spouting reasons for my choices but i know that will get boring. So, consult my blog to see the rest of the list.

My Evil Plan

File:Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.jpg

Like every good scheme you have to have an objective. Mine is to visit the Smithsonian, take so many pictures my cameras memory bank would be full then go home. The reason why I  chose this one off my bucket list is because it is relatively high in priority and very achievable. Step one: would probably be to put away roughly 2500 to 3000 dollars for the trip. Step two: Then choose when I would want to travel taking into consideration , air fare, hotel rates, and school and or work schedule. Step three:Book fight and hotel room. Step four: Get camera working with empty memory and full charge. Step five: Pack my bags. Step six: take the flight. Step seven: Get settled in at hotel. Step eight: Four days of fun. Step nine: Come back home.
and there you go, in nine simple steps I have described my evil plan to visit the Smithsonian.

Friday, 21 December 2012

I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy everything else!!!

Just for the record
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year Happy Holidays and finally Happy axilial  Tilt or in similar terms Happy winter Solstice.

Alright Mayan's!! Where is it?

File:Caana Caracol.jpg

Today as most people know, it's the end of the world but if you haven't noticed we are still here. So what went wrong? Well, as it turns out the Mayan calender doesn't actually end it just restarts. So, happy Mayan Millennium......
So, in closing and since I will not to be able to use this toast anywhere else, I raise a glass to the end of the world. Long may the profits be wrong!!!!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Question of the week

File:Johansen Viggo - Radosne Boże Narodzenie.jpg

Where did Christmas trees originate?

A. England

B. France

C. Germany

D. unknown

Monday, 17 December 2012

Count down to Christmas Break

File:Fireworks cholmes75.JPG

>53 hours to go until break.